Windows 11 on Mac M1 Chip?

Is it possible to run Windows 11 on Mac M1 Chip?

The official rollout and release of windows 11 is coming soon and that’s next month in October and if you are an apple Mac user and we’re thinking of running windows 11 on your apple hardware in a recent interview with the register Microsoft has now said that running windows 11 on apple M1 chips is not a supported scenario.

When we say Supported or Unsupported?

Now at this stage it’s not exactly clear what not a supported scenario means but usually an unsupported state or scenario regarding Microsoft software means that the OS will not get updates like bug fixes security fixes feature updates and so on basically it’s in an unsupported state and this applies both to dual boot in Windows 11 on Mac OS and also running Windows 11 and in virtualization software as well. if we just head over to that interview with the Register which was posted on the 10th of September 2021 it says that a windows 11 virtual machine running on an M1 Mac with Parallels Desktop 17 had begun throwing a hardware compatibility error on a Dev Channel Windows Insider build parallels has since emitted version 17.1 of its software which seems to resolve the issue or for now at least allowing Windows 11 to run on M1 silicon and further on it says the Reg asked parallels what it had done to persuade the windows 11 preview that all was well it has yet to explain the trick we asked Microsoft whether running windows 11 on an M1 Mac in parallels is supported and we’re told it’s an unsupported scenario running the OS directly on the hardware isn’t supported either so that means it’s in an unsupported state and that’s also if you’re dual booting windows 11 or Running it in virtualization on your Mac now as always with Microsoft it’s not very clear exactly at this stage what they mean by an unsupported state regarding the Mac OS but with anything like Microsoft i suppose only time will tell if their stance on this actually changes or not.

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