Windows 10 Update KB5005565 Fixes and Improvement

Windows 10 update KB5005565 as mentioned in my last post is now rolling out for Windows 10 versions 21 H1/20 H2 2004 and after applying the update on my computer i have checked my operating system like i do after every update and everything seems to be running smooth and found okay on my system after applying the update. if you are currently on Windows 10 version 21 h1 the OS build will now be 19043.1237 if you are running 20 H2 that’ll be 19042 and if you are running 2004 that’ll be 19041 and the 0.1237 is exactly the same for all three versions of Windows 10.

Now as mentioned the patch Tuesday cumulative updates which roll out on the second Tuesday of every month carry those all important security fixes to Windows 10 and i have counted approximately 30 important security fixes and updates that rolled out with KB5005565.

So it’s important that you install this update especially for those security fixes just to keep Windows 10 safe and secure. if you’d like to see if you have the latest update as always just head over to our >> settings menu >> update and security and because the update is a compulsory mandatory update it will be downloaded and installed automatically onto your device and if you go to view update history it’s a quality update and this is the update KB5005565 which as i say will be downloaded and installed automatically now over and above those important security fixes the update also carries the general quality improvements and also has some bug fixes that have rolled out in KB5005565 now an important security update worth mentioning as Microsoft actually mentions this and highlights this in the release notes for this update is a high severity MS-HTML remote code execution vulnerability and that’s where an attacker could craft a malicious active control that could be used by a Microsoft office document that hosts the browser rendering engine.

So that MS-HTML remote code execution vulnerability according to Microsoft has been addressed and fixed in this latest update.

Powershell Fix

And then a bug fix that’s worth noting basically as a key highlight is that Powershell has had a bug fix that addresses an issue that causes Powershell to create an infinite number of child direct directories and this was a result of the volume filling up and this just then the system would stop responding so that has also been addressed and that’s a key bug fix that has been addressed regarding Powershell in this latest update now a couple of um highlights to bug fixes and updates and little improvements and quality improvements to that this latest update carries.

Other Fixes and Improvement

i’m just going to mention these quickly according to the release notes is that it updates a rare condition that causes Bluetooth headsets to only work for voice calls it addresses an issue that resets syncing for Microsoft Onedrive to known folders only it updates an issue that prevents audio headsets that connect to a device using USB from working if the device has certain third-party audio drivers it also addresses an issue with resizing images that might produce flickering and residual line artifacts updates an issue with copying and pasting a text box into office 365 apps.

It also updates an issue that might cause your device to stop working when making a touch input gesture and updates an issue that might cause an external monitor to display a black screen after hibernation and the last one is updates an issue that resets the brightness for standard dynamic range SDR content on high dynamic range HDR Monitors.

So those are some of the highlighted bug fixes that have been addressed with this latest update and a lot of those actually seem to be ongoing in the Windows operating system because i have noticed that some of those were apparently fixed with last month’s update but obviously and they are being now readdressed with this latest update so obviously those weren’t all resolved in last month’s patch Tuesday update and then as always if you are having problems installing the update and through the Windows update process you can always head over to the Microsoft update catalog and you can download and install the update manually from the Microsoft update catalog which normally will fix the issue if you can’t install the update through Windows update.

 Hope as always you found this useful and informative…  

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