Windows 10 KB5005565 Update is rolling out

it’s patch Tuesday and this month September 2021’s patch Tuesday cumulative update KB5005565 is now rolling out it started rolling out yesterday on the 14th of September 2021 and that was late yesterday in my part of the world. I’m receiving my updates this morning on the 15th now the patch Tuesday updates rollout on the second Tuesday of every month and KB5005565 is for all supported versions of the windows 10 operating system which are 21 H1/20H2 and 2004. Unlike the optional updates which roll out at the end of every month and carry the mainly carry the bug fixes to windows 10 and you don’t have to install the optional updates and I would only suggest installing the optional update at the end of every month if you have issues or problems with your device the patch Tuesday cumulative updates like KB5005565 are automatic compulsory mandatory updates so they will be downloaded and installed automatically onto your device as they carry the security updates and fixes for the windows operating system for that particular month and obviously security is quite important on the windows 10 operating system.

If you find yourself in a workflow and don’t want to be disturbed because the update will require a machine restart you can always pause the update and then once you have finished you can resume the update again and above the mandatory security updates this month KB5005565 also carries some bug fixes as well now as always I’ve installed this update and then i will get back to you a little bit later in the day where we will go through some of the key highlights and improvements and fixes and dive a little bit deeper into the update KB5005565.

So just wanted to let you know it’s now rolling out and carries mainly those important security fixes for this month September 2021.

 See you in the next post.  

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