What’s new in Google chrome web browser version 89

On the 2nd of March 2021 Google released the latest stable version of the Google chrome web browser version 89 so that means we have gone from version 88 last month to version 89 this month.

As always if you’d like to see if you have the update just go to the top right hand corner >> click on the hamburger menu >> go down to help about chrome and if it hasn’t done so already this will update you to the latest version of Google chrome and the latest stable release of chrome is version 89.0.4389.72 that is the latest stable version and official bold of Google chrome.


In latest stable version of Google Chrome Web HID is enabled by default. What is web HID it is an APR that aims to make less standardized keyboards and gamepads work better with web browsers so in short if you have a game pad or a keyboard that is a little bit complex in nature this APR is now enabled by default and should improve things so that means your user experience and connectivity between your gamepad and keyboard and the Google chrome web browser will be improved.

Native web sharing

Native web sharing is now enabled in Google chrome on the desktop and what is this it’s common to see social network buttons on websites that allow you to easily share the page so if a site supports the new web sharing the share button will open a native sharing menu that way you can share the link with any app on your device that’s supported.

Dropping support for all the processors

Google chrome 89 is now dropping support for all the processors so starting with chrome 89 the browser will no longer support older by 86 processors that don’t meet the new requirements and these requirements are devices will need to meet a minimum of SSE3 that is supplemental streaming SRMD extensions 3 and so this means that this should shouldn’t be an issue for the vast majority of devices running chrome 89.

If you’re running  Google chrome 89 that means you have more or less got a more modern device and then processors have been supporting SSE3 for close to 15 years so that takes us back to 2005.

If you have a Computer that is post 2005 you’ll most probably be in the clear and if you don’t happen to have one of these devices you’ll be stuck on chrome 8 so that means you will not be able to update to Google chrome 89 if your device was pre-2005.

Bug Fixes and Security Patches

Google chrome 89 also comes with bug fixes and security patches and for that alone you should be updating to the latest stable version of chrome just to make your online experience a lot safer and user-friendly.

Tab search

Now I’ve made some research on Tab search there should be a tab search added by default.

if you open up a lot of tabs this just creates a drop down menu you can search tabs you can view your tabs quickly especially if you’ve got a lot of tabs open you can x out of tabs and so on now in my experience i cannot see that this is enabled by default on my computer so the only way I’ve been able to get this to work on chrome 88 and also now in chrome 89 is to go to the omni box and type chrome://flags and  this takes you to an experimental menu in  Google chrome if you don’t know what you’re doing rather not to fiddle here and then you just do a search for tab search in the search field and then it’ll enable tab search will pop up there and you can enable it and disable it to whatever preference you would like

but as i say i haven’t been able to see this tab search appear in 88 or version 89 so the only way i can get it to work is with chrome flags search for tab search and enable it and that is a handy feature to search your open tabs if you have a lot of them open and to view them at the same time which is a handy feature.

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