Vivaldi Web browser v4.2 is now rolling out

The latest stable version of the Vivaldi web browser version 4.2 is now rolling out it started rolling out yesterday on the 15th of September 2021 and this also means we have been bumped up from version 4.1 to 4.2 in this latest stable release now version 4.2 comes with a couple of new features numerous bug fixes some main updates and also the chromium engine the chromium platform which Vivaldi is based on has also been upgraded to the latest version and that carries some very important security fixes to the chromium platform.

as many of you know Vivaldi comes with its own built-in translation tool which can be found in the top right corner of the address bar in the browser in version 4.2 this has received a nice little upgrade and now if you go and select text on their web page you can right click that selected text and in the context menu you will now see Translate selection and if you click on that it forms a little drop down menu where it auto detects and translates the selected text into your preferred language.

Also you can choose a language to translate from and then obviously a language to translate too you don’t have to stick with those default options now the web browser also comes with its own built-in QR code generator and scanner which is a great way to share information across your devices now in version  4.2 you can now display a QR code that allows you to quickly share the page to another device using quick commands keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures and if i just quickly go to my quick commands and type in QR as an example you will see blue banner says create QR code for active page and when you click on that there’s QR code and you can scan that across my different devices and i think that’s a nice and simple and easy and quick way to share information across your devices.

if you don’t see the QR code scanner which i don’t think is actually enabled by default what you can do is you just head over to your settings and on the left in address bar you can just check the box and it’ll enable QR code generator if it’s not enabled.

now another highlight worth mentioning is the buttons in the Vivaldi’s web panels are now scrollable so if you just enable your panel the buttons there on the left were going past the bottom of your screen that would make them scrollable and then you can use scroll wheel now in version 4.2 i can’t actually demonstrate this but if they were going past the bottom of the page with your scroll wheel now you can scroll and navigate through your different buttons in the web panel so that will just make navigation a lot more simple and effective in the web panel and then the last feature worth mentioning the key feature is that a new search engine called Neeva has been added to the list of uh privacy-friendly search engines in the Vivaldi web browser version 4.2.

Now at the moment this is only on an initial limited rollout and that’s for users only in the United States and at this stage it’s not clear if that will be rolled out in the near future to other regions of the world but at the moment that new search engine never is only available in the United States.

Now at this time they mainly focused on as they say “providing fixes and polishing some rough edges and there is a whole lot of bug fixes and minor updates too”.

if you have the latest version just head up to your menu to help and check for updates and if it hasn’t done so already this will update you to the latest version of the Vivaldi web browser and if you just go back to help and about the latest version you should be on now is version 4.2.2406.44 and as mentioned the latest chromium version has also been upgraded and that’s chrome 93.0.4577.83 this latest chromium engine carries very important security fixes that have been addressed in this latest update.

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