Security Settings that are available to you in the Google

Today we will see the basic Security futures settings that are available to you in the Google chrome web browser.

To get to the security settings in Google chrome

Go to the top right hand corner and click on the three dotted menu go down to settings in settings on the left navigate to >> privacy and security and the one we’re going to look at today is the >> security options click on that now by default Google has turned on standard protection in all chrome web browsers and this basically it protects you against bad websites downloads and extensions that are known to be dangerous because Google has got a list of all unsafe sites stored in chrome and obviously it basically periodically sends little bits of data for websites and downloads and extensions that you may be using to Google servers to check them against that list and then obviously it detects and warns you about the danger of dangerous events when they happen, so that is standard protection and Google turns that on by default.

Now there’s one at the top called enhance protection and what this does is it sends all your browsing data to Google it says it requires browsing data to be sent to Google that means all your browsing data goes to Google so if you are comfortable and trust Google and then you can you know you can enable enhance protection and it’s it basically gives you an advanced protection against standard protection and does the same thing protects against dangerous websites downloads and extensions , but in this setting all of your daughter is sent so the chance of you know something going wrong will be less because all your daughter has been sent and not liking standard protection when any summer your daughter is sent so that is the difference between standard and enhanced protection and if you are comfortable and trust Google then you can enable that.

But i actually think standard protection would suffice for most people and for most users of Google chrome then if you scroll down there you’ll see a tab and which is off by default in Google help improve security on the web for everyone and then basically what this does it sends URL’s of some pages you visit limited system information and some page content to Google now and once again the same as enhanced protection if you are comfortable with Google and trust them you can enable this,  i personally don’t like to enable this because i don’t want my URL’s and pages going to and what on what websites i’m visiting.

So forth to go to Google that is a privacy concern so i always keep that off and the next one is warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach now this is also turned on by default and but you know today with all the data breaches and going on and all you know passwords being hacked and stuff like that i definitely would leave warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach and that i would leave on and once again this says a chrome periodically checks your passwords against lists that have been published online so if there’s any passwords that are you know not or bad passwords or have been compromised and it will warn you if they have been exposed in a darted breach , so i would definitely recommend you to leave that on and then you have the final option there in the basic settings saying no protection now , also you will see Google has even said not recommended so if you are not worried about dangerous websites downloads extensions and so forth you are welcome to browse the web with no protection in your Google chrome browser but i definitely would not advise doing that although you know it will be a more private browsing experience as in you know it will not be sending and data to Google i still don’t recommend that because that is a very unsafe way to browse the net in the Google chrome web browser.

I hope in this post you understand the difference between standard and enhanced protection.

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