Redesigned Photos App is Available on Windows 11 Insider

As you know we have posted a News Post a couple of days ago that Microsoft was teasing a new redesigned photos app that was coming soon to windows 11 in the insider program and some of those new features and highlights to the photos app were obviously the fluent design new win 2.6 controls marker effects new photo views and an improved cropping menu and also an improved information page and i will leave a link down below to that previous Microsoft Highlighted video if you are interested.

Since that video was posted many of you know the new photos app is currently rolling out to windows 11 insiders but unfortunately not everybody is seeing it just yet and it’s not available to all through the Microsoft store as it is on a controlled rollout but there is a download link available which is linked to Google drive and you can go try this out if you would like to download and manually install it to get early access to it if you haven’t received it just yet and i will leave a link below this post where you can go download the new photos app.

so once you’ve clicked download and it’s downloaded you go to your download location and it’s just a application package and you double click on that to run and the version is 2021.21090.900 2.0 now obviously i can’t update because i’m on windows 10 currently and then you hit update and that will update you to the new windows 11 photos app if you are currently only in the windows 11 insider program.

So i hope you found this post very informative  

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