Quick reminder for Windows 10 2004 users

A quick reminder to those of you who are still running and using windows 10 version 2004 which is the May 2020 feature update that it’s going to be reaching its end of support in December and that’s the 14th of December this Year 2021 to be exact.

So after that date windows 10 2004 will no longer receive any Feature updates, Bug fixes, Security updates, Quality improvements and so on… Which means the operating system will become an unsupported version of windows 10.

Now if you are currently using windows 10 2004 and have been delaying the feature update in windows update to windows 10 version 21 H1 which as many of you know is the most current and recent stable version of windows 10 then you will start seeing in the next couple of weeks a new message saying that your version of windows 10 will reach the end of service soon and that’s basically Microsoft prompting you to upgrade to version 21 H1 in the next couple of weeks now just as a side note currently Microsoft is testing windows 10 version 21 H2 which is also known as the October 2021 update and that’s over in the windows insider program currently and that’s the second feature update rolling out for windows 10 this year and that’s also expected as mentioned in previous videos to roll out Next Month and the same time that windows 11 does and windows 10 21 H2 is expected to roll out with several improvements to windows are low and will also have Enterprise focused features which are mainly focused on productivity and security and as mentioned previously it’s not going to have any feature updates or any visual redesign to windows 10 21 H2.

So i just wanted to let you know that if you are still on 2004 that your end of support is coming on the 14th of December 2021.

So I personally highly recommend you to upgrade to the latest one so that you can receive updates on Bug Fixes, Security improvement and also Quality Improvement for better and Secure usage your windows operating system.

So as layaway hope you found this useful and very informative stay tuned until next post.