PowerToys is Now available for Windows 11 in the Microsoft Store

I posted an article back in July of this year 2021 that Microsoft PowerToys was going to be made available for windows 11 and at the time of that post Microsoft had confirmed that PowerToys would be updated with the Win v2.6 controls to match the look and feel of windows 11.

Now as of today the 17th of September 2021 Microsoft has made PowerToys which is a collection of utilities available for windows 11 insiders in the windows 11 Microsoft store now if you don’t know what PowerToys is and I will post an article about that in the next post but simply it’s a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity and it’s made and developed by Microsoft and PowerToys has been around since windows 95 and I’ve used it all through the years and i use it quite frequently now currently in windows 10 and previously it was available through Github you could go download and install the app from Github.

As of today the 18th of September as mentioned if you are running windows 11 you can go and download that from the Microsoft store now currently PowerToys is sitting at version 0.45.0 I’m running the experimental version which is a unstable version 0.46 but in the stable version you get 9 different tools and those are “Awake” which is the most current tool which is a convenient way to keep your pc awake on demand and also you get things like Color picker, Fancy zones, File explorer  add-ons, image Resizer, Keyboard manager, Power rename, PowerToys, Run shortcut card and these just help you know just increase your productivity and functionality in windows 10 and now also in windows 11 and with the experimental version which i’m running you also now get the video conference mute utility basically the video conference mute is a quick and easy way to do a global mute of both your microphone and webcam in your operating system. So as i say this is just a handy tool which just streamlines your experience for greater productivity now in windows 10 and 11 and in the Microsoft store in windows 11 on windows 11 Powertoys uses its own installer and this is possible because the new Microsoft store lets developers submit unpackaged Win32 apps but just be aware that it won’t automatically install through the Microsoft store and it will require some additional permissions to work so if you are currently trying out windows 11 in the insider program go to the Microsoft store and download PowerToys and and as i say it will just give you a few extra utilities just to enhance your experience in the windows operating system.

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