Is Bing going to be Default Search engine in Mozilla Firefox?

Today we Just want to let you know that apparently Mozilla is testing setting Microsoft’s Bing that’s the Microsoft search engine as the default search engine for some users of the Firefox web browser and in a recent experiment approximately one percent of all Firefox desktop users could see their default search engine change to Bing. In the next couple of months now this experiment apparently started on the 6th of September this month 2021 and is running until the end of January next year 2022.

Now at the moment in most regions of the world Google is set to the default search engine in the Firefox web browser not all regions but most regions Google is used as the default search engine in Firefox now there could be two possible reasons for this change to Bing on the part of Mozilla and that is that at the moment Bing isn’t doing too well in its market share and another possible reason is that Google apparently pays Mozilla approximately 400 to 450 million dollars per year so that Mozilla will use Google’s search engine in the Firefox web browser.

Apparently that contract ends in 2023 and you know that Firefox is also losing market share it’s not doing as well as it used to in the market share regarding browsers and another reason is that obviously due to that decrease in market share Google doesn’t want to pay out to Mozilla as much as 400 to 450 million dollars per year so that is also why Mozilla could be looking at being to be set as the default search engine.

if you find you are in that one percent and your default search engine has been changed to Bing or you just want to change your search engine in general in Firefox you just go head up to the menu > you go to settings and on the left you click on search and there you’ve to go default search engine and if you want to change it to anything else Amazon ,, Wikipedia and so on you can and if you find that it has been set to Bing you can just change it back to any other Search engine like or Other as of your choice.

So as always i hope you found this useful and Informative.

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