How to check Original and Fake Memory

How to check Original and Fake Memory?

We often hear people say that my memory is Original.
because I have used it for many years and it is not damaged yet. they are right Because one of the features of Original Memory is that it allows us to use it for a long time. so the way they identify the Originality of the Memory is Right But what if we are in the Seller store to buy new memory we need Fast way to check the originality of the memory before buying it. That’s why we want to prepare this lesson.

Now let’s come back to the main idea
How do we know the original memory? What are the ways?

  1. Transfer Speed when sending and Receiving Data
  2. The Memory Manufacturer
  3. Storing the Files Without any Damage
  4. Deleting the File when we Delete the Files
1. Transfer Speed when sending and Receiving Data

fake memory cards have slow data transfer rate lets take this example
the average Data Receiving Speed of Original Memory is 2MB/s and the Sending is 16MB/s
also the Fake one have 500Kb/s – 1MB/s of Receiving and the Sending is 4MB/s – 7MB/s.

if you want to see what transfer speed is when Sending and Receiving Data you can use ES-File Explorerን

Download ES-File Explorer

2. The Memory Manufacturer

Another way of checking or identifying the memory Originality is to check if its Company is Known or not

1.First Download and install SD Insight App

2. now Insert the Memory card that you want to check

3. now Open SD Insight app

4. Now make sure that it is on the SD Card Option

5. Now application must show us the manufacturer company logo or Name. if its say Unknown Origin its not good not always but we don’t recommend you to buy the memory that says Unknown Origin

if you want to Know More about the Memory you can click on the Eye icon at the top of the right side

3. Storing the Files Without any Damage

the third method is simple just send some files to the memory and take out the memory and again insert it back now check if the files are not deleted if they are not deleted check them if they are working if its is Music or Videos Open it and Check its playing well without any lag.

4. Deleting the File when we Delete the Files

the last and the Simplest method is to check if it can be formatted when we Format the Memory and transfer some files and Delete them again if everything is okay we’re good to go or buy the memory card.

here we’ve showed you some of the methods that you can check if the memory card is okay and doesn’t have any problem. so you may know some other methods to check the memory card conditions that we’ve not included in here? let us know on the comment section.

We will end this article here for today. peace until we meet again in another post.
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