Google Chrome Update Fix for critical security vulnerabilities

Google chrome web browser has received a minor update to version 88 this last week. Now the official version and build number is 88.0.432 that is the latest official version and build for the stable release of Google chrome now this was released earlier this week and Google has warned Google chrome users that it is a very important update although it is a minor update to the only a bold update not a version update it is very important and fixes critical security vulnerabilities.

So i have write this post of this in the past when the version gets updated that normally brings new features and when the bold gets updated that normally is the minor updates but that’s when Google addresses more critical and vulnerabilities between each version release so if you’d like to see if you have it you just go to your top right hamburger menu >> go down to help >> about chrome now i know we cover this a lot in our previews post and for you this is very for most of you this is an automatic process but there are some users who don’t know how to do this so that is why i show how to update Google chrome and when there are updates for Google chrome and you will see you have the latest build a lot of you will have it by now but just in case you want to see if you have it and just to make sure that you do have it you can just repeat that process.

So as i say no new features just a minor update addressing critical security vulnerabilities and Google has asked and warned users to update to the latest version of chrome as soon as possible.

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