Google Chrome 93.0.4577.82 Update Fix

The stable version of the Google chrome Web browser has received a very important security update which started rolling out yesterday on the 13th of September 2021 and i received my updates this morning in my part of the world on the 14th now this latest security update to the browser carries 11 important security fixes to Google Chrome and Two Security flaws have already been exploited in the wild.

What are the Updates and Fixes?

So it’s very important to check that you are up to date now if you head over to the chrome releases stable channel update for desktop it says this update includes 11 security fixes so that’s quite a lot of security patches for one update to the browser and all of them are rated as high so this is an important security update to Google chrome and we can see if we just look at some of these type confusion in the blink layout that’s the chromium blink engine we can see another one the confusion in blink layout again out of bounds right in the v8 that’s the v8 JavaScript engine and the blink chrome the chromium blink engine and the v8 JavaScript engine are always vulnerable to attack in the chromium platform and then it says at the bottom Google is aware that exploits for CVE 202130632 and CVE 202130633 exist in the wild that means that these security flaws are currently active so if you are not up to date your browser could be vulnerable to attack regarding those two security flaws.

So as always to see if you have the latest update just head up to the top right to the menu > help > about Google chrome and if you use Google chrome on a regular basis or as your main web browser this update will take place automatically in the background but it’s always good to check especially if we are dealing with security flaws that have already been exploited in the wild and are currently active so the latest version you should be on to get these latest security updates is 93.0.4577.82 the version stays the same it’s just the point release on the end 0.82 that carries those important security updates to the browser.

So as always hoping that you found this post useful and informative.

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