End of Adobe Flash Player

Hello My Friends welcome back to zsmart-fix today in this article we just want  to let you know that adobe flash player has reached its end of support that was at midnight on all year’s eve and basically today we sit at the 17th of January and support has ended for adobe flash player a short history of adobe flash player is that it first came on the scene in 1996 and it was very popular to stream videos and play games online especially in the days and before fast modern-day internet when there were still dial-up connection basically adobe will no longer offer security updates and have urged people to uninstall it adobe said it will also officially stop official support on the 12th of January so if you still have it you can still visit sites and content that plays flash but from the 12th of January what it means is that that um the player will no longer play any content of flash any flash content so it will officially stop working ,altogether on the 12th of January adobe hasn’t been on basically 99 of websites for years now most websites have moved on because first of all adobe provides a major security risk and most websites these days you visit don’t even require flash to to work or to view content stream videos said youtube hasn’t used adobe flash for years they used used it in the early days but they haven’t used it for years so you you must probably weren’t even aware that the change had been made a while back also um chrome edge  Firefox major browsers like that and do not use flash those top browsers haven’t used flash for years and if you wanted to use it you just have to enable it in the settings basically if you see any form after you’ve uninstalled flash on your system if you see anything like for instance in the control panel you might see a little icon and with a flash icon i’ve basically done some research and it seems that Microsoft will provide updates that will remove it completely from your system so just watch that in the weeks and months to come that they will release an update to get it off your system completely if it hasn’t been uninstalled already by you and then lastly if you are visiting a website that still uses flash you know basically don’t do that it shouldn’t be visited because first of all you’re putting yourself at a security risk and you know you could also try and download third party you know from third-party websites to flash player and try and use it you know on websites and stuff like that but in that case it was probably going to download it with the virus anyway so don’t so if you visit the website you flash on it move on don’t visit it.

 I hope you found this post useful *peace until we meet next time with another tech article.

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