Brave Browser V1.29.80 update Bug Fix and Change

The brave web browser has received an update to the browser and this started rolling out yesterday on the 13th of September 2021.

This is mainly a bug fix update and it also carries a minor cosmetic change to the browser and if you have any bookmark folders in your bookmarks bar in brave you will notice that the icon has changed back to yellow it was originally like that in brave and then a previous update a while back the icon changed to a white border with a blank interior and now it’s back to the yellow icon again and that’s obviously due to user reports and feedback asking for the icon to be returned back to its original color so that’s back to the yellow icon again and then you have three bug fixes and the Chromecast feature in the brave web browser has been fixed.

Also if you go over to your settings and you click on extensions on the left you will also see with this latest update that a media router option has been added in the extensions menu and it says media router enables cost feature in the browser so now you can toggle the cost feature on and off using the setting in brave after this update and this is actually off toggled off by default and you can toggle this on and off now manually and i think that’s just gives another little option to the cost feature in brave and as i say the Chromecast which was crashing has also been fixed in the browser and then there’s also been a fix when opening brave and clicking on Autoplay in the content settings that was crashing the brave web browser and that has also been fixed in this latest update.

And then the brave talk in the brave rewards was not being recognized when enabled and that has also been now fixed in this latest update so this update carries three bug fixes and then obviously that little cosmetic change to the icon in the bookmarks bar now as always if you’d like to see if you have the latest update we just head up to the top right to the Menu > About brave and > the latest version is version 1.29 and it’s just the point release on the end that carries this latest update and we have gone from point 79 to 0.80 in this latest release there’s nothing that has changed in this update with the chromium engine and as always if you’d like to see what’s new in the update you just click on the version and i’ve already mentioned all of these updated the bookmarks folder icon Chromecast was crashing and fixed crash when opening brave and fixed brave talk not been recognized.

Hope you found this post useful and Informative.

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